Triple Farms Produce – Mohave Valley, AZ

This is Gabe speaking. I wanted to share a story about the amazing women in my family! Mohave Daily News published an article of my grandma, aunt and cousin’s produce farm, Triple Farms. This is a story that I have been lucky enough to experience a few times a year for the majority of my life. My family and their lifestyles in Mohave Valley, Arizona have truly helped shape a side of me that I cherish and wouldn’t have without them. Three generations on my mother’s side live humbly and produce various products for their community in this Colorado River valley.

“They supply 100 bags of greens, 100 pounds of tomatoes, 30 bunches of root crops, 20 pounds of citrus, 200 pounds of squash, 100 melons and hundreds of pounds of other assorted fruits and vegetables to Tri-state residents looking for fresh crops.”

My cousin, Brittany Pennington, likes to be creative with her sustainability initiatives at her farm. They raise many types of animals and a diverse selection of crops. I highly recommend reading the article!

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