e3 Member’s Social Entrepreneurship: Roots Collective

Roots Collective is a family of global citizens who are revolutionizing plastic waste, empowering through employment, and enlightening our communities by advocating for all living beings. One of the founders is a member of e3 and a fourth year Sociology student here at SDSU: Chasejamsion (CJ) Akilah Manar-Spears. Roots Collective transforms plastic pollution into fashionableContinue reading “e3 Member’s Social Entrepreneurship: Roots Collective”

Littering and Graduating at SDSU

For years, students have gathered in front of Hepner Hall to commemorate their graduation with celebratory photos. These photo shoots typically involve confetti, glitter and champagne. Hepner Hall is a historical and iconic location on our campus. Hepner Hall was completed in 1931 and was named after Walter R. Hepner, SDSU President from 1935 toContinue reading “Littering and Graduating at SDSU”

Unique-Sustainable Products 2019

Allbirds utilizes a sustainably sourced wool from New Zealand, tree fiber from South Africa and sugar cane from Brazil (among other sustainable materials used in their footwear). Shoes start at $95 for men and women. For more information about their story and practices visit: https://www.allbirds.com/pages/our-story Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Power Switch We may have allContinue reading “Unique-Sustainable Products 2019”

Environmental and Social Justice in Barrio Logan

A caffeinated-history with Gabe: Logan Avenue in San Diego was named after Congressman John A. Logan in 1881. Congressman Logan wrote legislation to provide federal land grants and subsidies for the construction of a transcontinental railroad that ended in San Diego. Overtime, Logan became the term to describe the general area. The area is nowContinue reading “Environmental and Social Justice in Barrio Logan”

In effect: California State University’s Single-Use Plastics Ban

Although some CSU campuses across the state implemented their own initiatives against wasteful consumer practices in early 2018, such as San Diego, Humboldt and Northridge, the CSU system now has a single-use plastics policy in effect since December 17, 2018. What does this policy address? “Campuses shall establish purchasing practices that assure, to the maximumContinue reading “In effect: California State University’s Single-Use Plastics Ban”