Meet our 2016-2017 Executive Board

Co-President, Chris Goering is a third year double majoring in environmental science and sustainability. He decided to get involved with E3 to learn how to create a more sustainable life in his day-to-day while also creating a career for himself. Chris likes being active in nature and enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and backpacking.
Co-President, Jillian Grabenstein is a third year marketing major with a sustainability minor. She became involved with E3 because she wanted to surround herself with people who care about the environment and sustainable businesses. Her favorite thing to do in E3 is network with other students and sustainable companies at eco-events.
Vice President of Recruitment, Bridget Rickman is a fourth year sustainability major with a minor in anthropology. She joined E3 because she’s always been passionate about the environment. This society gave her an opportunity to branch out in the business world without compromising her personal values. Working with like minded students has been incredibly rewarding for Bridget. In her spare time, she plays roller derby and works on Primatology research for San Diego State’s Anthropology department.
Vice President of Events, Drew Keske is a third year double majoring in sustainability and entrepreneurship. He loves E3 because he has a drive for sustainability, seeking to act and engage in sustainable practices, as well as networking with some of the best like-minded people in the field. He believes that we have the opportunity to create a better future and E3 is a catalyst for lasting, positive change.
Vice President of Communications, Savannah Hackett is a fourth year student majoring in environmental science. She joined E3 because she wanted to be a part of a club that was active on campus. She loved the idea that E3 had tangible accomplishments and she could be a part of similar future achievements. Savannah’s favorite part about E3 is the people! It’s always an awesome group that’s open and ready to make positive change.
Executive Member, Faina Margulis is a fifth year student majoring in nursing. She got involved in E3 the first week of her freshman year. Raina wanted to surround herself with like-minded people who want to take care of the world we live in and the limited resources we have. The organization gave her a sense of empowerment to make real meaningful change on campus.
Vice President of Marketing, Emma Head is a second year double majoring in marketing and sustainability. She got involved with E3 to supplement her two majors and see how they could work together in the real world. Emma’s favorite thing about E3 is networking with potential employers and seeing the positive impacts companies can make on the environment.
Vice President of Finance, Michaela Newsom is a third year urban sustainability major with a minor in political science. She became involved in E3 as an opportunity to positively change campus and local environments. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer at the Humane Society and intern with the SurfRider foundation.