Our 2018-2019 Executive Board:

President- Gabi Medina

Gabi is currently a third year at SDSU and spends her time doing yoga, playing soccer, and finding the best vegan restaurants around San Diego. When she attended her first e3 meeting, she knew that she wanted to be a part of an organization that would allow her to work with likeminded individuals wanting to make a positive impact on the surrounding community and environment. She enjoys working on projects where activism and progression are key and hopes to one day have a career in the political arena. To her, sustainability is the act of finding balance between where humans and the natural environment can coexist in a way that does not deplete the health and livelihoods of all that lives in the biosphere.

Vice President: Emma Bock

Emma is a senior at San Diego State University and joined E3 to make a difference in the community and actually see the results. Planning purposeful events makes her happy and feel accomplished, and the impacts can be felt by the community-at-large. Some of her favorite things include skiing, hiking, beaching, camping, thrifting, and tending plants. To her, sustainability is “Giving future generations a better world than what we have currently— preserving the natural environment and conserving our resources.”

Vice President of Marketing: Margarita Servin

Margarita is a senior pursuing a management major with a minor in sustainability. She is interested in the supply chain side of business, and in her free time she enjoys a healthy lifestyle through exercising and bike riding Margarita joined E3 because she loves gathering with people who care about the local and the global community. To her, sustainability means “going beyond reusable plastics or going vegan, it means that in every part of our life we consider others in our consumption.”

Vice President of Development: Nick Gemberling

Nick is a third year Environmental Engineering Major with an interest in renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric). He joined E3 because he thought it would be a great club that could help with getting involved more environmentally on campus and in the surrounding area (and it’s been a blast)! Last year, his favorite event was a beach/community clean up which he found to be quite fun because we got to chat with friends while enjoying a great view AND helping clean up the area!

Vice President of Communication: Nikki Loseff

Nikki is a third year student studying hospitality and tourism with a minor in sustainability. She is interested in how the tourism industry can have positive social benefits and be more sustainable as a whole. In her free time, Nikki enjoys working out and racing with the SDSU Triathlon Team! She joined E3 to be part of a group of passionate people taking action towards important problems. To her, sustainability means “making decisions small and large that show responsibility and interest in environmental and societal well-being.”

Vice President of Events: Nina Bayne

Nina is a second year sustainability major here at SDSU. She’s hoping to go on to law school after college to better understand the legalities of things before going on to advocate for our planet on behalf of grassroots organizations. She loves painting, thrifting, and rollerskating when she has of free time. A fun fact about Nina is that she played tennis for 10 years! To her, sustainability is “a way of living in which we leave the world better off than it was when we got here and along the way learn how to work together to live sustainably with one another.” E3 was a stand out club for Nina due to the level of passion that they displayed not only for the state of the environment, but for the events they planned and speakers that they had. Additionally, the executive board was outgoing and inspiring to her as a freshman, and she hope to bring a similar environment to new members this year.

Vice President of Recruitment: Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany sees sustainability as “The concept of meeting the needs of today without compromising or jeopardizing those of tomorrow,” and e3 has helped her gain momentum in her sustainable journey personally and as an advocate. She found e3 wanting to get involved with extracurricular activities, gain insight on networking and itching aspects the club has to offer, and bond with existing friends, as well as make new ones. Her interests range from hockey games to seeing family to days at the beach

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